Wall and Floor Tiles

The type of flooring you choose can make a great difference in the finishing and appearance of your floors. Different floors have different purposes and are designed to meet those. If you are looking to put up second floor to a warehouse, you would choose a mezzanine floor or similar, which is rather different to domestic floors. The right choice of flooring could transform your simple looking home into an elegant one. Moreover, good looking floors could increase the value of your house and possibly draw new customers. This is why it is important to choose the right kind of flooring for your home or commercial office. Thankfully, you will find various flooring options including the ones for walls and floors tiles. Following are some of the popular types of flooring choices for a home or commercial premise.

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Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring provides a perfect combination of durability and beauty that could be rarely found in many flooring choices. You can find this kind of flooring in maples, beech, pine, pecan, walnut, birch and more. Such flooring presents a long lasting product, wear-resistant surface that can be easily finished if necessary. However, certain hardwood flooring types might darken with the passage of time. Similarly, certain types may expand and shrink based on climatic conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to take a note of these points while choosing hardwood floors.

Bamboo flooring

Compared to many conventional flooring types, bamboo flooring is the best option that provides a range of benefits. First of all, it is a greener method of flooring as it hardly affects the environment. Secondly, you don't need to expend too much on having this kind of floors. Most importantly, bamboos offer higher longevity to your floors if taken proper care. However, you need to make sure that bamboo floors are not left wet as it can damage the floor. Even so, these floors could be a great choice for any type of home, modern or traditionally designed homes.

Ceramic tile flooring

When it comes to choosing floors that are waterproof, ceramic tiling is the best option. Such flooring can be used indoors, outdoors as well as for counter tops. Although some types of ceramic tiles tend to scratch due to water accumulation, you can choose tiles with unglazed finish to make it more water resistant. Possible finishes for this kind of flooring includes embossed, matte, textured and glazed ones. However, you have to take due care while cleaning tile flooring because grout lines are not easy to clean. If you choose poor quality tiles, they might chip while cleaning. Therefore, it is important to pick sturdy tiles in porcelain color. Besides being durable, such tiles can hide scratches and damages as well.

Final words

Choosing ideal flooring tiles for your office or home is certainly not an easy job. A number of aspects such as your home decor and budget need to be considered in order to select the right kind of flooring. However, you can get through this daunting chore by assessing various types of flooring models in the light of your budget, preferences and home decor. Just surf through the above mentioned flooring choices in accordance with your needs and budget, and you could be able to pick the best flooring that is durable, elegant as well as affordable.